Q: How can I connect an iPod to the iNet MPI?

A: On the left side of the MPI there are 2 RCA port for the audio cable from the iPod (or other audio device) to connect. By default the music level is not audible. You must connect to Sound Manager to change the volume level for the desired zone.

Q: When I page or play music we hear a hum, where is that coming from?

A: You did not run your ground from the MPI to the OP’s.

Q: When I page I hear the music we are streaming coming through the page, why would this be?

A: This may indicate that your cabling has a crossed pair. Check your DATA Cable for continuity.

Q: When I page using the Microphone the music/audio we are playing is not muted and we cannot hear the announcement, is this normal? We thought the music/audio would be muted during a microphone page.

A: You have likely not connected the preamps “Switch Output” to the normally open Dry Mic contact on the MPI.

  1. Connect the line level audio output of the Microphone to the Blue Page input on the MPI.
  2. Connect the preamps “Switch Output” (marked SW,SW) using a 2 conductor wire to the Dry Mic Contact switch on the MPI. (Next to the Page On/Off button.)

Once connected, activating the push-to-talk microphone will cause our “normally open” contact closure to be activated, muting any audio present at the audio input. Your page will now be heard without interference. Upon completing your page, release the push button and the music/audio will resume.

Q: I am trying to use the telephone to page on an MPI. What code can I enter for an All Call Page?

A: Once you call the extension assigned to the MPI you will hear a short tone. After the tone enter 00 followed by #. 00 is the zone that is preprogrammed for All Call and # is the equivalent of “Enter” for the system.

A: The MPI has contact closures that are attached to the output of the ACG (mic pre amp) those need to be attached from the AGC to the contact closures on the MPI.

Q: The Paging is not working. Why?

A: Incorrect phone feed, need analog line or POTS line

Q: I received a CPC disconnect device with my iNet or nForm system, how do I connect this?

A: CPC stands for Calling Party Control. This device is used when telephone systems cannot send the proper hang up wink (AKA Hang Up supervision) causing the MPI to hold the line and not see that the caller has hung up the phone after making a page. This device is to be installed at the MPI just before the phone line connects to the MPI from the phone system. The wires are to be stripped and installed within in the CPC device. There are screw terminals that allow the bare wires to connect. Please follow all directions that are included with the device.

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