Emerald Operating Platform

Q: How many channels does an n.Form Emerald OP have versus a Spectra i.Net OP?

A: An Emerald OP has 8 channels labeled 1 through 8. An i.Net op has 4 channels labeled A, B, C and D.

Q: My EOP is not showing up online in Sound Manager 2 & the icon is red. What could be causing this issue?

A: Check the cat5e cable with a cable tester & verify all cables in the data run are 100% working. After all cables have been verified, go into Sound Manager 2 and select Restart Poll under the system tab. This will search the system for the EOP and will change the status from red to green if located. Also, check the LCD display of the EOP to make sure it is still showing its identification number.

Q: My EOP is showing double zero, what is the issue?

A: Double zero is an indication that power was connected to the EOP while the power supply was live. When a double zero occurs, the EOP cannot be used and must be replaced. An EOP that displays double zero will also not show up as online in Sound Manager 2.

Q: I noticed my EOP has 2 negative screw terminals for both the 48Vdc in and 48Vdc out, does it matter which screw terminal I use?

A: As long as the power pathing is correct (power in/power out), it does not matter which negative screw terminal is used.

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