Wiring/Grounding- Spectra i.Net

Q: When installing the iNET system, do we need to be concerned about grounds?

A: In a masking install only, you do not run grounds. Grounds are run when you introduce an MPI into the project for paging/music. That ground runs from the MPI to the first OP. The ground is then carried OP to OP as each OP is powered from the previous. (Carried on the negative leg of each OP). When you introduce the next power supply, (after OP 3) you run a ground from the last OP on power supply 1 to the next OP (Run the 16-1 as you run the DATA cable to the next OP)


Q: Does it matter if the in and out are reversed at a speaker?  

A: Mixing the IN and OUT of speaker cables will not damage the speakers but the sound will be poor. The speakers will not be in phase with each other so it is important that the OUT of one speaker is connected to the IN of the next speaker.

Q: The speakers are not working. What’s wrong?

A: Check RJ45 connections on Cat 5e/CAT6

Q: When I page or play music we hear a hum, where is that coming from?

A: You did not run your ground from the MPI to the OP’s.

Q: When I page I hear the music we are streaming coming through the page, why would this be?

A: This may indicate that your cabling has a crossed pair. Check your DATA Cable for continuity.

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