My service light is blinking, is this normal?

Yes. A blinking service light indicates that the i.LON is properly programmed by the manufacturer.

My green power light is flashing and/or not on. What does this indicate?

A power light that is flashing indicates the i.LON is not done booting up. Upon a power reboot of the i.LON, it will take anywhere from 6-8 minutes to boot up. Once this time has passed, the i.LON’s power LED will turn solid green. A non-existent power light is an indication that the i.LON is not connected to power.

My digital input lights are solid red and will not turn off. What does this mean?

When the digital input lights are solid red, it means the contact that connects to the fire alarm system is now closed. This will cause the masking throughout the building to be muted while the fire alarm goes off. Once the contact is opened, masking will return throughout the building.

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