What is the i.Net power consumption?

100W per 36000 square feet (masking only).
Max volume, 75% contour:
OP input:  12.3 W (4 speakers) or (11.5 W + speakers power)
Each speaker:  195 mW
MPI:  2.5 W
iLON:  15W

I received a CPC disconnect device with my iNet or nForm system, how do I connect this?

CPC stands for Calling Party Control. This device is used when telephone systems cannot send the proper hang up wink (AKA Hang Up supervision) causing the MPI to hold the line and not see that the caller has hung up the phone after making a page. This device is to be installed at the MPI just before the phone line connects to the MPI from the phone system. The wires are to be stripped and installed within in the CPC device. There are screw terminals that allow the bare wires to connect. Please follow all directions that are included with the device.

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    Raul Hernande

    What's the Max distance from the main unit to the first OP

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    Scott James

    Hello Raul, if you are referring to power runs, the max distance from the power supply to the last OP it is powering is about 250 feet using 16:2 cable. Max distance for the data cable is 3000 feet before we boost the signal. Max distance from the OP to the first speaker is 150 feet, 300 feet overall for each channel.

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